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How to make a sound decision? – The Secret is Debate

May 30th, 2011 | Posted by biz-buzz in Leadership | Performance Management

 Debate Maker

One of the five Multiplier disciplines is Debate Maker.  A dynamic and high effective way to make robust decisions that lead to fast execution.  The skills we learnt through Multipliers was applied in our business on Saturday as we hosted our first formal debate.  It was fascinating to see the difference in team members preparation to a discussion that could have just turned into an emotional debacle.  Following the rules set out by Liz Wiseman we made sure it was rigorous based on facts and evidence and everyone invited was obliged to start with a clear position.

I’d be dishonest if we said it all turned out fine with a great decision made in the end.  It didn’t.  In fact it highlighted way to many variables that we hadn’t all thought of.  This debate question was genuinely one that didn’t have an easy solution.  The results, we need to investigate further and now explore the three paths that were raised in the debate.  Although that sounds time consuming, it’s way better that trying to implement an idea taken by the senior team and then failing in the execution phase. 

First official biz-group debate – I’ll give the team 8/10 for prep, the debate maker (me) 5/10 for pushing (need to do better) and for the results 7/10 – we found out a lot and for once will not be moving forwards with a half-baked plan.  But regrouping in 8 weeks to see what else we have learned and how we can move forwards together.  I’ll keep the biz-buzz blog readers in the picture.

- Hazel Jackson,

CEO of biz-group; passionate about performance


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